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Rebirth of your body &soul


Hotel KURBIO was established with the desire that guests restore their physical and mental well-being through an integration of both perspectives.

The name “KURBIO” is a combination of the German word “KUR” that means “healing, recovery or cure,” and the Greek work “BIOS” that expresses “life.”

“KUR” stands for “kurhaus” (a spa for curing and recuperation), and “BIOS” stands for “macrobiotics” (a dietary approach to long life)—words that we’ve been hearing more of in recent years.

Hotel KURBIO was established with the desire that guests restore their physical and mental well-being through an integration of both perspectives.

A tranquil environment, the fresh water of the famous Kusatsu Spa hot springs, and a whole-day menu based upon macrobiotic principles. This new style of resort, which consists of “a hotel where guests can enjoy the experience of fasting at a relaxing resort, or taste colorful, delicious natural cuisine”, has found popularity among people who are careful over their health and beauty.

A Message from Hotel KURBIO.

An imbalanced diet, stress from work...
We aim to do whatever we can to help reset your tired, hardened mind and body.

Modern people are faced with a diverse range of worries and challenges, living in difficult, stressful environments. The information available to us is also complicated in the modern age, filled with claims that “this will help you lose weight” or “this will heal your illness”. It’s fair to say that there are many people out there who are confused as to what they should and should not eat.

I myself have also fallen ill in the past as a result of an irregular lifestyle. I tried a variety of different approaches that were said to improve health, before I finally came across the fasting method. I stayed at a specialized facility and participated in their fasting program. Just one period of fasting led to remarkable improvements in my health, and keeping up with fasting at regular intervals has led to the good health I enjoy today. During this time, I also discovered just how closely food is related to the body, and improving my everyday eating habits has allowed me to feel healthy and full of energy each and every day, making the poor health of my past seem like a distant memory.

― The importance of food, learned through firsthand experience. ―

 ― The wonders of the Kusatsu Spa hot spring water, one of Japan’s many treasures. ―

  ― An environment surrounded by nature, at 1,200m above sea level. ―

I designed a space based upon these principles, somewhere that I myself would want to stay at. That place is Hotel KURBIO.

The cuisine at Hotel KURBIO is prepared in the French style, incorporating macrobiotic principles. I refer to our food using the term cuisine revivre. When translated, this means “food that revives the body”. Guests who are fasting are provided with fresh carrot juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant, allowing them to experience the joy of abstaining from eating. As Hotel KURBIO is not a convalescent retreat or dojo, visitors will find themselves free of day-day stress, and can relax and enjoy the water and natural scenery of the Kusatsu Spa hot springs. After staying at the hotel, you are sure to notice the changes in your body and health. We hope you can relax and feel at home at our small, 11-room hotel.



Best Retreat

Wellness Resort KURBIO, where visitors can reset and revitalize their mind and body, is loved and treasured by many as a hotel that is also easily enjoyed when travelling alone. Please read below to learn more about our commitments as a hotel.

Our Commitments at Wellness Resort KURBIO

Best Retreat

Cuisine Revivre

The cuisine provided to our guests at Hotel KURBIO is named Cuisine Revivre, after the phrase revivre meaning “to be reborn or revitalized”. Guests on our macrobiotic plan can enjoy a menu that delights all five of the senses, while guests who are fasting can experience the contentment and fulfilment of abstaining from food.
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Kusatsu Spa is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, and throughout the ages its spa waters have drawn high numbers of visitors to the area as a place of rest and healing. At Hotel KURBIO, guests can enjoy baths of water sourced from bandaikō, the closest spring in Kusatsu Spa to the magma. All of the baths at Hotel KURBIO are directly sourced from the hot spring, with a continuous stream of fresh water flowing into the bath without being recycled.
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A place of beauty at an altitude of 1,200m, where even guests travelling alone can enjoy their visit to the full. The hotel is surrounded by a national forest, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur of Kusatsu’s natural environment. Our commitment to providing space for relaxation is the reason behind the low number of guest rooms – there are only 11 throughout the entire 1.6 acre site.
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Kusatsu is home to stunningly beautiful scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Experience the wonders of each season and enjoy the views, whenever the time of year.
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