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A healing environment, spa and macrobiotic meals create the foundation.
And special esthetic treatments complete our body rejuvenation program.
To moisten and give a glow to your skin.
Application of powerful rehydration pack.
The above treatments can be supplemented with hand, foot or head massages
(charged at ¥1,000 for each 10 min).
Centered on the back, shoulders, neck and head, this treatment eases muscle stiffness and nervous tension.
A selection of oils is available.
Promotes the flow of lymph, to relieve swelling over the entire body and stimulate the elimination of toxins.
* Consumption tax will be added to above prices.
Massage to promote the elimination of toxins from the intestines, which relieves bloating and constipation, while strengthening immunity.
Aroma treatment to relieve muscle tension, promote the flow of blood and lymph,
and enhance the body’s natural power to heal itself.
Very effective for tired eyes, headaches, and stiff shoulders and neck.
Pressure points from the neck to face and on other parts of the head are stimulated, to thoroughly relax muscles, and heal everyday fatigue.
Head and facial swelling are also relieved to create shapely face line.
Massage, done entirely by hand, works on lymph, nerves, blood flow and muscles, leaving skin with a youthful look.
〜inner beauty〜 
* Consumption tax will be added to above prices.
Slow and deep touch with oil is used to work on skin and muscle, promoting the flow of blood and lymph.
Oil-free treatment
Fatigue in different parts of the body is massaged away through a towel.
Knee to sole treatment relieves accumulated fatigue and swelling, balancing the entire body.
After tension in the shoulders, neck and arms has been relieved, the scalp is stimulated.
This alleviates fatigue in the eyes and stress accumulated in the head.
Get relief from muscle stiffness and pain, poor blood circulation and other problems that result from fatigue, through massage at an intensity that suits you best.
* Touch therapy is offered only during the period after evening meal.
* Please make payment directly to masseur or therapist.
Depending on reservations already made by other guests, it may not be possible for you to participate in a program or course at your desired time, so please enquire in advance. This applies to all programs and courses.