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Juice fasting, as opposed to water fasting, provides the body with necessary nutrients
while the digestive system rests, and allows fat to be burnt off and
waste products and toxins to be released from the body, for a gentle detox.
The detoxifying effects of fasting are enhanced by soaking in a spa bath and bathing in a Finnish sauna.
*Ginger tea, brown sugar, and ginger kudzu-starch tea are also available.
Carrot juice Supplementary food
* The above is the charge per guest for standard room (1st floor) with double occupancy
* Additional charge for single occupancy: ¥3,000 per night
* Additional charge to extend program: ¥18,000 per night

Example: Charge per guest for 3 nights and 4 days
●2 guests sharing 1 room ¥36,000 + ¥18,000 =