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Having re-examined the current trend towards over-fasting, and considered the relationship between food and our bodies from a medical standpoint, we established the following meal plan: breakfast is organic carrot juice only; lunch is soup containing a generous quantity of organic vegetables, with salad and whole-grain bread leavened with natural yeast; and in the evening we serve macrobiotic dinners, now being enjoyed by celebrities and athletes around the world.

In a departure from the conventional pattern of Japanese-style accommodation (typically a room with two meals per day), we suggest that you take only hotel meals, so that after your stay you will sense a change in your body. This is good not just for your physical wellbeing, but will better allow the enjoyment of KURBIO dinners on which we pride ourselves. While these meals are satisfying in both taste and quantity, they go beyond what’s normally possible using only vegetable ingredients, thanks to the creativity of our chefs. Organic beer and wine is also available.
Based on traditional Japanese foods, but without the use of any animal products,
macrobiotics is a dietary approach using ingredients such as
whole-grain rice and organic vegetables that promotes both physical
and mental health. At Hotel KURBIO we serve a delicious,
modern interpretation of macrobiotic food.
You can choose to enjoy a soup lunch on arrival or on departure.
Alternatively, you are welcome to enjoy lunch on both arrival and departure,
with an additional charge. Please enquire when making a reservation.
Wine and beer served with evening meals is subject to an additional charge.